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Automotive Electroplating

Need Help Rechroming Your Vehicle?

If you’re a car, motorbike or boat enthusiast then you’ll want your pride and joy to look its best. 

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Automotive Electroplating Services

Nothing makes your vehicle shine more than taking care of the metal parts, and North City Platers has the skills and experience to help. Metal parts in cars, motorbikes and boats are susceptible to the elements no matter what you do to protect them. Every now and then it is a good idea to have worn parts electroplated so that they can continue to stand the test of time. Whether it’s a handle, steering wheel, exhaust pipe, or the entire engine bay, a fresh chrome finish will have your vehicle looking brand new.
Automotive electroplating

Size Doesn’t Matter To Us

When you are rechroming parts of your vehicle you don’t want one piece of your engine out shining the rest, so it’s great to be able to get any and all parts done in the same finish. We have experience across the full range of automotive electroplating services, so no part is too small or too big. We regularly rechrome parts smaller than a car door handle so nothing’s too hard for North City Platers.

Your Metal Deserves a Flawless Finish

North City Platers provides the most comprehensive metal electroplating service in Auckland, because some jobs require that extra bit of finishing. If your metal needs to be in showroom condition you can trust us to return it to you with an award winning shine. Our advanced technologies and special processes ensure that your project will look as good as new, or better. If you’re rechroming your vehicle make sure you talk to us first.
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